Contracting division

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  2. Contracting division

Contracting Division

Trading & Contracting forms the major cream of our services. As many of the Oil Plants, Petroleum Mining Companies, Petrochemical Engineering Companies etc., require accurate, safety assured and cost-effective contracting jobs, GWC becomes the predominant deliverer of such services in the Kingdom. With successful ties with more than 20 major companies, plants and organizations in Saudi Arabia, we have made quite a few valuable admirers of our contracting virtuosity.

Our Contracting works are backed by steady supply of resources, manpower, machinery and equipment flow that we possess for ourselves and we need no outsourcing. This is one among the biggest advantages we maintain over our competition.

Gulf Wave Company Ltd.

Oil And Gas Services

  • Air Blowing.
  • Cold Cutting.
  • Bolt Torquing.
  • Chemical Cleaning.
  • Oil Flushing.
  • Pipe Cold Bending.
  • Filtration.

Pipeline Testing Services

  • Hydrotesting - Pipeline & Plant Piping.
  • Pipeline Pigging.
  • Flange Weld Testing.
  • Inline Weld Testing.
  • Valve Hydro Testing.
  • Pneumatic Testing.
  • Pipeline Drying and Nitrogen Purging.
  • Industrial Bolting Solutions.
  • Pipeline Decruding & Decontamination.


Industrial Construction

The geographical diversity, project complexity, and public nature of construction work results in an exceptionally challenging industry that demands high level of managerial and technical expertise. Whether building on land or over water, in busy cities or remote areas, Gulf Wave possess the ingenuity and experience required to undertake any industrial structure, facility, utility or infrastructure imaginable. We are known for our excellence in industrial civil construction projects.