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Motori Autofrenanti (MGM)

M.G.M. motori elettrici S.p.A., established in 1950 as a brake motor manufacturer is now the European Leader in brake motor production.M.G.M. also manufactures built-in inverter and high efficiency motors. In Italy M.G.M. motori elettrici S.p.A. has two manufacturing plants and one distribution/sales warehouse in Assago (Milan). For More Information

OME Electric EU

Founded by Eros Orsatti in the second half of the sixties, after having acquired experience and technical expertise working in the family’s company, the Orsatti, initially focused only in repairing electric machines, specializes electric motors distribution, and finally, through the newly formed subsidiary C.M.E. (Costruzione Macchine Elettriche), began producing its own range of three-phase asynchronous electric motors.

Ambitious and determined, the company quickly grows beyond the local boundaries and is appreciated all over the Italian country for the quality of its products and for the qualified assistance offered. For More Information