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Since 1982 Enpar Sonderwerkstoffe GmbH is a competent and established partner in the European market for specialized metal processing. With core competences in metal processing and stock-keeping Enpar Sonderwerkstoffe acts as material manager for nickel and titanium alloys and also specific kinds of steel and alloys with particular technological properties. Click Here

Bea Group

Bea is present where future plays an important role. It is a market leading today thanks to its technology, its commercial strength and its strategic presence. It is the leader within the world of manufacturing stud bolts and fasteners for the energy industry on and all main international markets.

Bea’s strong point is its worldwide presence. This presence is a mix of direct sales and local agents: a commercial network that knows the environment in which it operates, that keeps the market under control and adjusts the commercial initiatives according to the specific time. Click Here

Gutekunst Verbindungsteile

When the Gutekunst company was founded in 1882, few could have foreseen the successful path the company would take. With production of nuts, bolts, turned parts, and profile materials, Gutekunst was well situated to fill the needs of rapidly developing industrialization. When the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1932, Gutekunst already had a branch in Kirchheim unter Teck to show for itself. Seven years later, Gutekunst invested in the construction of another factory at the same site. Click Here

TS Verbindungsteile

TS Verbindungsteile excel in the industries it serves throughout the world with its range of custom-made fasteners and special bolts.
In a world of more for less" and on time delivery, we set the standard in product integrity and quality.

When you're faced with extremes in temperatures, strength and environmental challenges we can offer a solution. And, when high performance is required, we provide the answer. Click Here

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows

Established in 1975, Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows has earned a well established position as a design innovator and leading manufacturer of metallic bellows, flexible joints and other components for aircraft ducting systems in stainless steel (CRES) , Titanium, Aluminium and Nickel alloys, with an enviable reputation for quality, customer service and product innovation. The company also supplies the world’s leading pressure relief valve manufacturers with bespoke designed bellows assemblies. The differentiators at SABB are . Click Here

BC Deutschland

BC Germany is your partner for fastening technology! Our high-quality special fasteners are used in all industrial ranges. Customer-orientated and co-operative services are our hallmarks. Everyday we prove to our customers, that we can make even impossible things possible. So we hardly ever take ''no'' for an answer! Accordingly, it makes no difference whether we deal withrush orders, supply concepts, consignment stores or standstill management with our container service. No matter what your idea is. Whatever your demands are. Talk to us! We will find solutions! . Click Here

PFF Group

The PFF Group, founded in 1992 as a division of the international operating Galperti Group, specialises in the supply of complete services for piping and valve projects. We offer high quality pipes, flanges, fittings and valves for the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries. In addition, the PFF Group delivers a range of bearings for application in a wide range of products, including wind turbines. Click Here